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I would like to say that I did sleep well last night. I got up for a little while and fell asleep at 1 a.m. and then got up before my alarm went off this morning to bathe to get ready for church, and my ride will be here about 9 a.m.. I wanted to get up early, even though it was hard for the first few minutes, and I got up and out of bed fifteen minutes before my alarm went off, and got myself going so I could already spend a few minutes for myself to myself before I am gone for 7 hours today. I did sleep well and it was not hard getting back to sleep. A couple of friends called last night during my napping period that lasted 5 hours!! so I returned those calls, and then I got an expected call from another friend of mine last night and we chatted for a few minutes past midnight before we hung up, but still I fell asleep and slept the entire night even though I did wake up once from a dream that was a bad one but not a nightmare just a bad dream. Our neighbor JS was just picked up for church just now and they are on their way to church now.

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