Midnight & Can Not Sleep

Ok, sleep has been HARD to find tonight. Not the first time and definitely not the last either. Watched American Idol at 7 p.m. last night and I do not know what to think about the contestants and their performances. I was weepy all evening long and I feel so foolish because of the fact that I have been weepy a lot lately and can not explain it. A friend called me before I went to bed, as a matter of fact called right when I laid down in bed and I had to get out of bed to answer the phone that was across the room. I did not mind that my friend called, though. She had called because she was going to the emergency room to get her migraine taken care of and I felt bad for her. Migraines are absolutely no fun. I have experienced migraines when I was a teenager and had a horrible migraine for two weeks March 2007 because of the stress of school and class and that migraine was a horrible experience. I hope my friend is okay or will be okay. Migraines are just bad … real bad. Bing has been a wonderful cat all day long since I had gotten back from my first job shadowing experience yesterday morning. He was kind of mad at me for awhile because I had left him home alone for three hours, got back from my job shadowing experience, and then left again to go to crafts downstairs in the community room for a while, and then of course, at 3 p.m. came back upstairs and then left again for a while. Bing did not seem to mind but he kept his distance for a while but stayed in my sight the entire time. One of his favorite spots to catnap is under the table in the kitchen on one of the chairs. What a good ol’ cat. I love him so much. By 4 p.m. I was finally home for the rest of the night and now after midnight I can not sleep. I don’t think it has anything to do with the job shadowing experience I will be going to from 9 a.m. to 12 noon but I am excited. Yesterday’s job experience was fun and I enjoyed my 3 hours away and did not want the 3 hours to end but of course time comes and goes. I personally think that I am not able to sleep because when i was getting ready to leave for my job shadowing experience yesterday morning I had seen a neighbor give attitude to the onsite manager and this tenant was not nice to the onsite manager at all. I just do not understand this person, the one who gave attitude to the onsite manager, like I once did. I wanted to throttle the neighbor. I wanted to scream and say that this person’s attitude is going to get her in serious trouble on day yet but I kept my mouth shut and thought that the attitude was pretty stupid. There are things I will not tolerate from this one person anymore and that is her attitude, lies, and her crap. I have had to walk away from some people because of the negativity people are involved in. Do I feel bad about walking away from people? No but it does hurt the ol’ heart because those heartstrings are pulled to the max. People do not need to have negativity and i feel I have weepy because negativity still being in my life to some degree yet. What else can I say? Nothing more I guess. Oh yeah, I dropped the stupid ice cube tray of frozen ice on the floor while trying to put the ice cube tray back in the freezer and so I had to pick up every ice cube and throw them in the sink or garbage. DANG! It is, once again, like last night, going to be a long night AGAIN! Oh well! I will be alright. I did not get a lot of sleep Monday night because at 3 a.m. in the morning I had gotten chilled to the bone and Bing was laying next to me or on me to help me with the chills and he did a fine/great job at it. Even though sleep was hard to find Monday night, I got up and was ready to go to my job shadowing experience even though I was tired and did not really wake up until 11 a.m., lol. It is going on 1 a.m. now (ten minutes away) and i am going to do my best at getting some rest now. GN! Please excuse me for bickering and bitching, and complaining once again my DD friends. I just had to do some venting and getting some things off my mind. Sleep is finding its way to me now, thank goodness. YAY! I will write more later.

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