The End of April Showers ??

april shower #1

With April over and May on its way, I do have to admit that I have decided to become a little more creative in my journal here. I believe that is what happens when it comes to being available all day and all night now that I am not busy with doing homework everyday/every week anymore since February 25, 2008. I am somewhat bored, yes, but I am taking it easy, and getting help from a company called Community Solutions, helping me find a job so in the field of accounting. I did two job shadow experiences this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, that were related to the accounting field experience, and we are waiting on one more job shadow experience to do but if that does come through, then I will begin the initial job search, which I am excited about.

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  1. Oh, I hate being sleep-deprived. I hope you get a better sleep tonight and if you’re job shadowing is as good this time as it was yesterday, I’m sure you’ll be fine!

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