May 3, 2008 #1

All is ok here at the Karnopp household. Had company for a while but JR left a little while ago after spending the afternoon / lunch here with me and using the computer. I did have my IBM laptop up and going this afternoon but it was terribly slow with dial up today so I did not do much of anything on the laptop except update the antivirus program, check a couple of places online, and see what was going on. That is how I know my IBM was slow today. Bing’s fine as usual. He thought having JR here for a while was the biggest treat for him and I am glad that he was a happy cat. He got attention from JR most of the time. According to Bing I’m chopped liver when company comes over, lol. No, not really. Bing sees me 24/7 so it is nice for him to see other people other than his human “mommy” everyday.

I am fighting another UTI and I am on an antibiotic but tomorrow I will find out if the antibiotic I have been taking since Thursday is the right one or I will have to have a new antibiotic. I will be ok, but I do have to admit that from now on, when I have an UTI, I will get an urine analysis done at our urgent care or emergency room because Madison is so slow in getting the results and getting other tests required to find out what antibiotic will work. I am not happy with Madison right now.

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