One of Those Days — Let Me Explain

Patience is not one of my strong suits for today at all for some reason. I feel like a “bitch” today, and that is so hard to explain when I do not feel the greatest. When I do not feel good, I realize that I want answers readily available to all my questions I have and today is one of those days of questions, and I am not getting anyway. Working with my coordinator in Madison, Wisconsin, today was not easy for me, I think, because I was not feeling right and I called her three different times with the same thing, I may have annoyed her a little bit. Oops, I did not intend to do that if that did happen. Okay, today is one of those days of “what ifs” on my mind as well as patience being not one of my strong suits at this time. I am having one of those days and I am driving some people crazy because of it. I hate that! I think I have some serious explaining to do Monday, oops. Oh well, I can take it like a big girl by then. I believe my coordinator will have some explaining to do as well to help me understand about my health. I did not intend, if it did happen, to annoy my kidney transplant coordinator today, trust me. It’s just when I do not feel good and I am calling in regard or in behalf of my health looking for answers, I want answers right then and there. It is just one of those things I have when I do not feel the greatest. I think I will be okay, though. When I have a possible UTI, I do not want it to go to the kidney as I have not yet had a kidney infection with my transplanted kidney, and the urine specimen that I did for them on Wednesday, two days ago, and Thursday I was put on an antibiotic, but it is possible that the antibiotic may not work, so they want to have an urine culture done to see if any bacteria growth happens and the results will NOT be in until Sunday, and Madison’s kidney transplant clinic is not open on Sundays. I am just so impatient today!!!!

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