Today Has Not Been My DAY at all!!

I am fighting every emotion that is negative right now and Bing can not even cheer me up tonight, and he has done his best to do so too. My kitchen sink clogged up again and a plumber came by to take care of it, and if it happens again, then I will have to pay for it because it was my fault that my sink was clogged up. I am feeling that today my apartment is not even my home now and I want out of here and I want to get away from this place and not have anything to do with anyone in here right now. I am so filled with negative emotion that I want to scream, cry, and just run away from here, this place, and take Bing with me and never turn back. I did not purposely clog my kitchen sink and I know that management knows I did not do it on purpose and I was not careful enough since this time and the last time this clogged kitchen sink happened, and I am mad at myself.

Author: ksmiley

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