It is Monday Morning

I got up this morning at 8:45 a.m. and it is going on 11 a.m. and I feel tired and I want to go back to sleep. Got dressed for the day and wondered what was the use of getting dressed except to look my best at my worst when I go downstairs for the mail and to see what or who was downstairs for the morning. I am still feeling a little bit uncomfortable about what happened last week and believe it or not, I still have feelings of hurt but those hurt feelings have subsided a bit. At least for now they have anyway. My weekend was spent all at home with the door locked and very few calls were made in or out. It is going to be 12 noon in an hour from now and yet my phone has not rung and that is a good thing. Someone had walked by, not sure of which direction they were going, my apartment and they hit the squeaky board. I do not care who walks by my apartment or anything as long as they do not stand at my door and listen in on what is going on in here. I have nosy neighbors sometimes and that just makes me very mad on most occasions. It is like I do not have a life to live around here alone anymore. It is like a Big Brother’s house or something worse.

An hour from now will be noon time and I want to do laundry but I just do not have the energy or the wants to do it but my cleaning lady will be returning tomorrow after two weeks off of work here and I really need her to come this week; She did not come two weeks ago because I had a job shadowing experience on Tuesday, and last week I did not want no particular company — picky and choosy who was welcomed in my home that day. I was not feeling good last week that much and I still don’t feel that great.

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