Today was a better day for me …. the weather was chilly today and now it is rainy and getting dark. It will be 8 p.m. in ten minutes and the sun has set for the evening. I am getting tired. I had trouble waking up this morning but did get up around 8 a.m. and then my cleaning lady stopped by at 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. to clean, and then she left, and then at 11 a.m. I had company over for another hour, and then the rest of the day has been mine. My cleaning lady cleaned my bathroom, swept and mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuumed the living room and bedroom, and then we put three loads of laundry away folded or hung up. I really do not have anything to complain about today except that the weather was chilly and now is raining outside, and getting dark, and my joints were feeling a little achy and I was slow moving or did not feel like moving. The feeling like not moving is an everyday thing around here, lol. Today was not a bad day at all. My spirits picked up a bit but I still feel a little down to some point. I did go downstairs to get my mail a couple of times, since I did not get my mail from yesterday until this morning, and I did feel some tension down there so I did not stay down there for crafts. With the drama that is going on around here, I decided to give it time before I returned to crafts and right now I won’t do crafts. I am not very artistic with flower arrangements even though I love flower arrangements otherwise. I’d rather be in my own apartment for the most part right now anyway. Then I do not see drama playing. I do not want to hear it either. This place is my home and I am going to keep it my home. I know I have said this past week and for a few days that this place, my apartment has not felt like my home and what I said was true to my feelings at the time and believe me, with my mood feeling better, I do have to admit that today my apartment feels like my home today and always. I cannot be unhappy or uncomfortable, especially in my own home. This is my home and I do not want to uproot myself or my precious Bing from his home and make a new home someplace else. I have a life to live and God is in need to be a part of it more.

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