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As of right now this minute, I am going to be making some serious changes in my life and if I have to walk away from some more people to do it, so be it. I have my reasons to have made such a decision right now and I am not going to back out of my decision or serious change being made in my life. I am sick and tired of people thinking that I have changed for the worst when they do not know the deep down crap I have been dealing with and I am also sick and tired of friends talking about me behind my back just as much as the next person does. I am sick and tired of being reminded that I have changed for the worst and that is not fair to me at all when I am doing my best at working out my problems and feelings in counseling and I am not the type of person to change venue of discussion from one subject to the next without the problem or issue before hand is not taken care of. I have learned tonight who my true friends are and who are not my friends tonight and I could care less right now if I ever hear from a certain someone ever again. I do not need to be reminded of myself supposedly changing because pepple don’t like my changes. There are reasons why I have not told certain people what I dealing with because of trust has been misplaced when I thought I was speaking to someone in confidence and bam, my words get told to someone else. No true friend would do that and I have had that happen to me twice by one person in my life who is out of my life as of today/tonight after I had gotten an email from this person that has been reported to my counselor and my counselor knows my feelings about this person has been mixed and I am definitely angry. You may have the right to send me that email but I have my reasons not to ever tell you anything ever again as you go and blab to other people what I say to you. I do not need to tell you to keep things confidential with you but you have proved to me I have to do it and I consider it a waste of my time to even bother.

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