May 15

I had my appointment today and it was a tearful and very emotional session today. As a matter of fact, I believe that it went both ways in respect of some of the meeting helped and the other part of the meeting did not help me at all. I do not know if I am upset more so now because I do not think that my counselor PS did not understand what was going on or I was misunderstood. I am not sure of which way it went at the moment and I just do not know much of anything right now because my world of emotions are screwed up due to the fact that maybe the medication I take for my depression and anxiety may not be working anymore or since I finished my educational endeavors I am not focusing on something to keep me busy. PS has made it work out in my behalf today, after I got back from my appointment, to find an appointment with my new psychiatrist this coming Wednesday, May 21 instead of a month from now on June 26. Thank goodness for that.

Bing may have a hurt leg from slipping off the fridge while jumping down from the high place. We shall see when 8 a.m. rolls around as I will take him to the vet right away in the morning.

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