American Idol 2007 – I believe in all three!

I watched American Idol tonight and I believe the top 3 did a good job however I believe that the second song, which was the choice of the contestants, could have been better choices for all three of them. The choices the judges made for tonight episode were good choices for all three of them, and I think they all did their best. I just have a feeling, just like I have been hearing for the past few weeks now, that the two Davids, David Archeletta and David Cook are going to be the two finalists for next week and Syesha Macado will be going home tomorrow. I do believe that Syesha M did a great job making it to the top three but I believe it is the end of the road for her, and the two Davids will duke it out next week at the finale. May the best American Idol of 2009 win! Syesha, you were wonderful and you walked down a tough road and you made it this far and you are still a winner to me and to many of your fans and voters of the American Idol voting spree and I wish you the best in your future in singing. You did it, you got this far, and you will always have a place in my heart for you forever. You will not be forgotten like I have heard Simon Cowell said several times during the duration of the show. David A, you have this voice of growth and you are still young and you have a long road ahead of you, whether or not you make it and become American Idol 2008. May the best contestant win and I wish you the best. David Cook, you seem to know your songs and your niche of music, and I have been impressed with your work on American Idol. May the best American Idol of 2008 win! I still believe, like I have been hearing, that the two Davids are going to be duking it out next week in the finals. Good luck guys!!!

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