Today I am definitely feeling the love, hate, deceit, power and control, and the life of a soap opera Call it the Days of My Life instead of Days of Our Lives!! Yes, today I feel I am living a true life soap opera. Why bother watching soap operas? We are living the real life soap opera and it does not need to be played on television … believe me. I am feeling the love, the hate. the deceit, and the crap of life all at the same time tonight. I have a life to live and it may not include certain people anymore so be it — those people do not need to be in my life anymore then. Who needs the drama! I surely don’t. It is high school crappy behavior and all high school acting people can leave me the hell alone. Bitches and Bastards are what you want to be, no bitches and bastards are allowed here anymore. You know exactly who you are too – my so-called friends.

Author: ksmiley

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