Memorial Day

No plans were made. Went to church on Saturday and Sunday, and decided to take Monday for a “me” day until my neighbor got home from out of town. I am taking care of my friend’s cat this weekend while she is out of town with her family. I tried to sleep in this morning but that did not happen, lol. I slept in all I could, got up and looked at my place, and began cleaning. I was not planning on spending Tuesday morning before my cleaning lady LB came to clean my apartment when i woke up. LB did not come last week because I had a bad cold and i did not feel that good and anyway I had a bug of some sort other than a cold. I am looking forward to seeing LB come. I hope she finds my apartment nice again. She has not complained or had anything real bad to say about my place for a couple of weeks or more now. I have been keeping things up well with/without help these days.

Bing and I did a lot of cuddling and talking. CD got home and she came up for awhile to visit and play with Bing. CD just loves Bing and Bing just loves her right back. No strings attached to my Little Man. Bing knows his people.

After what I learned a week ago Friday about Bing, I feel so blessed to have him in my life more now than ever. He is such a loving, affectionate little boy .. all 12 lbs of him. God has given me one special boy!

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