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Nothing is up right now. I am expecting my friend CD to come up and visit for a while from 5:30 p.m. to ??. We were planning on doing a movie but we moved that to Thursday night (tomorrow) since Price is Right is on tonight and CD loves that program. I happen to enjoy it to some point as well. I am still not sure about Drew Carey being the host of the game show yet because Bob Barker was Price Is Right’s game show host for many years. I do miss him, too. Hope Bob is enjoying his retirement. he do believe he deserves it. So, right now, with an hour and a half left in my time alone until after CD leaves, I thought I would get online and do my thing.

My friend JR called me this morning and we chatted for awhile and she was busy already and had plans for the afternoon. Me, I just wanted to stick around here for the day and be with my Bing Crosby kitty. We snuggled together while sitting in the recliner for over 2 hours while he closed his eyes and napped. What a cat! Bing is so precious. I am glad to have Bing in my life more so than I did yesterday … is that selfish?

I think, at this time I am kind of out of ramblings and thoughts, lol. I know that I have not really written much of anything lately, but have not been inactive so-to-speak. I really did noto want to bother anyone with my problems and issues at some point. I am becoming a private person these days and have been very careful about saying much of anything to anyone unless I know I can fully trust the person or persons I can talk to. Where I live now, unfortunately, has ears. eyes, and one big nose, so I am very leery about speaking my mind with certain people here. There are two people here that I have not totally understood yet, so I am very careful and cautious right now. I want to get out of this place and have a home of my own so Bing can have a playmate or two.

It has been over a week now since Bing has had his injury and he is doing super. Ever since that day I had learned of an injury that occurred during his first year before I adopted him, I have been asking myself a lot of questions, 0kay actually two. Why would someone be so cruel to animals? How could I have adopted such a loving, caring, cuddly cat as Bing? Those questions were finally answered today, thankfully. First of all there are many uncaring people out there in this big, wide world, and some people do not like cats, and secondly, Bing is loving, caring, and cuddly because he knows that people like me do care about him. He probably did not associate the “animal cruelty” with “human being” or he put his injury and careful care of humans and became loving as he is. Who really knows. Only God really knows. It is even possible that Bing was in the wrong place at the wrong time, too. Again, who knows. Anyway, as jumbled as my thought may be at the moment about my Little Man Bing but at least I did my best at putting my thoughts in better perspective and questions have been answered to the best of the ability of those I asked. Anyway, I got Bing Crosby here and that is ALL that matters to me right now. He is my cat now.

Time is soon upon me to have CD over for a while but I plan to be back tonight if I am not too tired or sometime tomorrow. I have other things I want to do online before CD gets here. I can say this afternoon that I was “just rambling” right now. See everyone later, and many thanks to my Dear Diary friends and readers for leaving comments and telling me what is important to know and here./ I do love being here and I have been here for a long time.

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