June 4

I am still not feeling that great … the medication I was put on for my UTI is not working this time around so I am planning on going to the doctor tomorrow morning right away and going to urgent care. I am not sure, at this time who the urgent care doctor will be but I do hope that it is Dr. F because I really like him a lot. He has been so good to me for the past couple of years now … or the past year actually. I have not slept well since Thursday night of last week because I have not felt so good since then and I just want to feel better. I am also getting sick and tired of these stupid UTI’s so from this day forward, this UTI is my last if I can help it. I am going to talk to Dr. F and my kidney coordinator about a preventative measure for future UTI’s because I have had been haunted or had so many of them lately. I am tired of getting them. This one snuck up on me big time!!! The burning sensation was horrible … downright horrible.

Author: ksmiley

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