My Sunday — A Good Day

Today was a fairly good day … even though it stormed and got yucky today. I did get 3 loads of laundry done with the company of CD. She did spend the night last night and we did have fun although she did have difficulty sleeping on the futon for some reason or another. Bing was with her the entire night. Every time I have company, Bing pays a lot of attention to the company as if, and I do laugh about it, I am chopped liver and I do not exist, silly boy. LOL He is my pride and joy no matter what, though. Anyway, after CD left last night I went back to sleep for a while, sleeping until practically 11 a.m. because I was so tired. The antihistamine I take for my allergies was still in me from the night before and I had to sleep it off some more. For today … nothing much is in the schedule other than that the laundry was done. I have been in one of my moods of sorts lately but have been pretty good about covering up my moods lately … at least I think so anyway. With Monday coming up, I do have a lot of work to do for Tuesday. I am planning on cleaning tomorrow — at least what I can do.

Did not go to church today because there was not a church van this weekend able to pick me up so I stayed home and did what I pretty much wanted to do even though laundry is something I do not like to really do, lol. Doing laundry is just a chore for me —- a big chore from time to time. Anyway, today was a fairly good day. A relaxing Sunday for the most part. I began reading another book titled H.R.H. written by Danielle Steel. Got past the first chapter so I know it is going to be a good book. Danielle Steel is one of my favorite others as well as John Grisham and Mary Higgins Clark, and several other authors. I love mystery, law, and some romance. I am not much for the romance scene for some reason. Am I strange? I do love to hear about romantic stories, though.

I think I will be heading to bed shortly. I do not stay up late past midnight these days since last Thursday when I found out I was not feeling very good with another UTI. The antihistamine does help with that, too, so I do not take it earlier than 9 a.m.. I take it shortly after I take my antibiotic for my UTI at 10 a.m. because it works fast.

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