A Quickie … I Think Anyway

I have some time alone right now while my neighbor/friend leaves to run an errand before it got real late and dark … here I am having some time to have my thoughts sorted out and written about before I forget. Forget? LOL I have been forgetting a lot lately, lol. What’s really new there? Nothing really. Anyway I have time alone before my neighbor/friend gets back from her errand.

Today we have had weather that has been both fairly nice, stormy, and a tornado watch/warning outdoors. I even saw the wind pick up real good while laying on the bed watching television so I did not have my computer up and running during that time. It even thundered a bit but not real loud. I think, for the time being, the weather has calmed down some, but I believe, according to the weather forecast, we are expecting thunderstorms tomorrow (Sunday). Have to wait and see and if so, my comoputer will not be up and running at all.

I am glad that the weekend is here because I have not really slept well since last Thursday, and Thursday night is the first night I have actually begun to sleep well, and last night I slept well, and tonight I am going to sleep well again … I hope anyway.

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