Going Crazy .. Not A Good Feeling I Tell Ya

When it comes to my feelings, sometimes I find it very difficult to express them and this is one of those times for some reason so I am going to give it a shot now. Anyway, I have had one of those days. That horrible feeling that I was going to be stood up by my friend who was coming over to spend the night came harsh across my mind, and panic and fear of being stood up actually came across my mind big time. RB is here for the night and she did not stand me up … just that feeling came across my mind. The idea for arranging my bedroom did come into play when she had gotten here and rested up before we began, and she did get the project done before 10 p.m.. It looks super … at least to me anyway and she did a great job. RB is very good at organizing and I really like my bedroom more now than ever since I have moved here ten years ago. I am, tomorrow night, since RB is spending the night, going to begin sleeping in the bedroom again ….. to do my best anyway. The futon is a big bed and i need the space more than my twin bed gives out in the living room. I will only sleep out in the living room when I have company over from now on… like tonight because RB is here. So I feel I have gone a little crazy today and it is not a good feeling, I tell ya. I hate THAT FEELING … trust me.

With my bedroom done now…I feel better and my idea of where things went did work … better than i expected actually. I do have a whole lot of stuff, though. I am such a pack rat like my late grandfather, CVF … honestly.

I am actually getting tired now but a little too excited to sleep all at the same time. Hmmm? I wonder why? It is because I have RB over for the night. What a true friend she is!!!

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