June 20 – 1

Today is one of those days I feel I have been up for hours when in reality I slept in until 10 a.m., oops. I am usually up earlier than that, but the last few days I have been sleeping comfortably that sleeping in has been one of lazy points of my life. I have so much on my mind right now that I do not know which direction I am going except ahead, up and down. I am surprised my head is not spinning in circles like some animated cartoon character or something more funny than that. Otherwise I think I am okay. I pinched myself a couple of times to make sure I was really me and not some apparition of myself like a hologram or something like it.

My futon is very comfortable. However, I have hit one of the things a futon has – a bar underneath the mattress a couple of times and it felt like one big bump underneath me, but otherwise I have been sleeping more comfortably and have been able to sprawl and lay on the futon without feeling like I am going to fall out of bed or I am falling from something. The feeling of falling is a scary feeling, especially in the middle of the night, and ever since Sunday, I have not had the feeling of falling come into play. It is such a joy, still to this day, five days later, to be back in my bedroom sleeping. Even Bing likes it and sleeps in his favorite spot on the futon every night. i use my sound spa and my table fan to drown out any noise – I have been told it is a called white noise – that is around me, and I have been doing pretty good in that area of life.

With today being Friday, I do have to admit that I have one busy weekend and I am looking forward to the busy weekend. At this time I do not feel overwhelmed but a little bit nervous about tomorrow but my heart is still beating at a normal rate, thankfully. By now I am usually a bundle of nerves – a big bundle of nerves but I am doing and holding okay. I am beginning to feel something, though, other than nervous and I am doing my best at not letting such play games with me. It is only the afternoon. Gotta keep me busy and keep my mind off what makes me nervous. Best of luck with that, right? LOL Right. I am still here, whew … thank goodness. I am wide awake for now, lol…

Bing is doing just fine. He is right here in the living room with me laying on the floor where usually the sun shines on the floor but today it is sunny with some clouds that is making the sun very visible on the floor, but Bing is basking in the light that is shining outside as much as he can. Every night, since Sunday, he has been running in circles chancing after a laser light dot on the floor which makes me chuckle with happiness to see Bing such a happy cat. He is pretty much at his ideal weight the vet would like to see him at and that makes me happier still. He is such an active cat. Last night something scared Bing because his tail puffed up big. JS and CD were here to see it but what got to Bing, I do not know, but I tell you, he was one mad cat for a couple of minutes. He settled down pretty well afterwards, thankfully. He seems okay today. Now lying the bed in the living room. He has been in the same with room with me everyday and every night since we started sleeping in the bedroom and he does go to bed with me every night. Aren’t animals wonderful?

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