Time Escaped Me

I am noticing that time has escaped me and right now I am wide awake as if I got my second wind. Did go to church yesterday morning, Sunday, and after Sunday School, I went to the church library to check out and see if they had Chronicles of Narnia series, and they did have a couple of the books, the entire series on CD, and the English version of Chronicles of Narnia. I decided to get the audio version of the entire set and the English version on DVD and I did enjoy the movie very much but happen to like the newer version of the stories better because they seem more realistic and the technology and the stories seem to flow better in the newer versions even though, no matter how I see it, Aslan is my most favorite of the story just as Bing is my Aslan in real life. I personally wish that I could sit in the living room of C.S. Lewis and hear about his dreams and stories of Christianity as I believe he would be awesome to hear from directly. When I saw the professor in the story, the version I had watched tonight, I was reminded of someone in my life who is no longer alive anymore, my grandfather because he always believed in things of the real life as well as the fantasy life like I did and still do to some extent of my life Aslan has been a favorite character of mine for a very long time and now with Chronicles of Narnia being a very popular series once again, C.S. Lewis’ stories have roared into my world once more. Even sometimes Bing shares a feature of Aslan. Am I being silly now? Anyway, enough of that, right? LOL

It is Monday morning and usually I am asleep by now and out like a light but I have friends over tonight and they are sleeping in the comfort of my futon tonight and I am out in the living room sleeping or in this case still wide awake to some point. Have not seen Bing for a couple of hours now that silly boy. He has been acting like an injured cat once again now that JW is here. Bing is such a good faker, lol, and he knows he is fooling us because he quits limping about after I tell him he is being such a little faker and he goes on his merry way walking normally. That little stinker. Bing is downright smart, I tell you. I literally called him a little shit tonight a couple of times and laughed at his antics. He is still my Little Man, though, no matter what. After JW leaves, he will be just fine. What a faker he was tonight!! I could just laugh until my sides hurt.

I should now go and try to get some sleep now. I am getting tired even though sleep WILL BE hard to get tonight because I am not in my bedroom that my body has been so used to the past few days. Anyway it is nice to have my friends JW and RB over for the night. RB and I worked more on my bedroom and got ride of a cardboard box and got my closet floor cleared out and stuff put in the closet after arranging that a bit. I looked over some memories from the old cardboard box and put the stuff in a rubbermaid container instead so there was no fire hazard risk. Later we are going to rearrange the living room slightly, too. I am on a roll … at least I hope so anyway.

Gotta run now. Good night or should I say, good morning now?! LOL I have plans today to do some looking at my Chronicles of Narnia on CD and see if I can put them on my computer or my IPod or both. We shall see after I get some sleep …. if sleep will come my way tonight or not. Bye for now.

I will still talk about my graduation. Have it written down on paper as of June 22 but did not write it yet here. I have been busy.

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