Will Get Caught Up

Not much going on right now. Thought it would be okay to get online for a while before retiring to bed. My computer is out in the living room and my television is off for the night. Got up this morning feeling very worn out this morning from yesterday’s walking about at the Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. It was a beautiful day even though long and my legs proved to be allowed to be pushed to the maximum yesterday and it felt good to push my legs to move the more they were used to. Can feel it in the my buttocks and legs all day long. Slow moving but not allowing my slowness to slow me down. Walked a little bit today to get the stiffness out. Slept in the bedroom last night but ended up getting a call after midnight that disturbed me a little bit. Timing again for a certain person calling me was not good and I did not appreciate it very much — luckily I was able to get to sleep and that I was NOT sleeping yet by the call. I will NOT be accepting any phone calls after 10 p.m. anymore unless I say so differently.

i will get caught up on days i have not written yet but have been busy. As a matter of fact, I am busy tomorrow as my dad will be in town and we are going to lunch. I am excited about seeing him.

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  1. I was raised with a very strict rule that you never call anyone, aside from an emergency, after 10PM. And even now 40 years later I wouldn’t call someone after 10 unless there was an emergency, or unless someone told me to call them at such and such a time. In fact I rarely call anyone after 9 really. Not much that needs to be said that couldn’t wait until morning.

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