Okay, here it goes. Venting is one of my favorite things to do from time to time when the need arises. Anyway, today has been a fairly good day but I do have to admit that it was kind of boring and this rainy and stormy weather has gotten me down a bit. Not much really happened today except I did get online for a while on my IMac and here on my laptop as well, but the weather has been iffy. We are flooded out in some places in Janesville now because the river crested about two weeks ago and the flooding has done its damage and disappointing. I have not been affected by the flooding much really because of where I live but I do know people who have a place by the flooding waters. I am at the point where I just do not leave my apartment much anymore because of the bull shit that is playing at Teamster Manor these days, and I do not visit many people anymore. I have new friends now and they are very important to me. I have not really spoken to some people in a long time either because of the fact that i feel there is no common ground between us anymore. After this past Tuesday’s fiasco on the telephone, I have been riding the guilt trip train with this one person for so long I have had it and I believe our friendship has taken on a standstill once more. It is like that in my eyes anyway. I am frustrated and need to live my life away from all the negativity and bull shit that is plaguing this place I live in on a daily basis. I even thought that a neighbor seemed cold to me today and it broke my heart. I do not like what this neighbor’s daughter said to me a couple of weeks ago still and I wish NEVER to see this neighbor’s daughter ever again for as long as I live in the same building as this neighbor. Some people have to grow up and realize that I have been in my apartment a lot more lately and since December been keeping things to myself a little more. Trekking to a neighbor’s house is not the same anymore because always I have been talked about and that really hurts … really hurts … I am human being with a heart that I wear on my sleeve because I have grown up to respect my elders, even though I do not feel I have been respected myself a lot lately … in the past few weeks. The past few weeks have been an up and down situation and I am being treated for it more so now than I have noticed in the past in the last few months. Life sucks sometimes but I am still here living my life to the best of my abilities, needs, and wants, and everything a human being could ever have in her life. I love where I live, but some of the people around here are just babies and big ones too. This place is not Teamster Manor Apartments! It’s Teamster Nursery School.

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  1. Nicole’s character and her children think they’re alive, and they don’t realise that they’re dead. It was a good twist to the story.

    I hope you feel better today.

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