July 3 #1

Thank you for the birthday wishes from the two who wrote comments for yesterday’s journal. I have no major plans today but do have an appointment this morning in a while. I do not have much to say right this minute but I thought I would say thank you for the birthday wishes. I am 38 years old now and I do not feel much different from 37, but I have not been 38 for many hours yet. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and a wonderful 4th of July tomorrow. Not much happening here right now. Just taking it easy and getting ready for the day. I am kind of dressed up — not because it is my birthday or anything — just wanted to get dressed up today like the other day I got dressed up for practically no reason …. just wore a sundress I do not wear often. Hope everyone has a good day.

By the way, thanks so much for updating the idea of the story, the movie I watched yesterday. I appreciate it greatly. I talked to my dad;s wife already this morning and asked her about the movie,”The Others and she told me that it was a different twist to the story and it had a different ending but after thinking about it here, I actually believe I have an understanding of the story now. At least I hope so anyway.

I hope to have more later … the weather looks like it is going to be cooperative today. I hope so, too. I am still in awe about the weather we had yesterday — not as bad as it was supposed to be.

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