July 3 #3

I am going to be saying good night now. I did stay up a little bit later because I did have company up for supper for my birthday. Dod not want to eat supper alone so I invited CD up for supper at 6 p.m.. We had good time eating our p’zones. I could not eat both of them tonight so I will have a little something later this weekend. I am up later than my usual bed time — an hour or so and I am afraid that I can not stay up much longer. I am tired. Did have a good day. Did wish someone very special to me a Happy Birthday earlier this evening as this person’s birthday is also July 3. My evening was complete by then, and this person had a wonderful day, too. I had a good day myself. Easy going, not frilly, and not a big deal is the way I wanted it and like it. I am a very happy 38 year old today and I still have not noticed anything different from 37 and 38 yet but I will sooner or later notice the difference … probably two years from now when I am 40 years old, lol. That is a turn of the ages that year too I have been told. I have two years before I am 40 years old, thank goodness, lol.

Well my friends. good night and God bless and have a Happy 4th of July! It does pay to have your birthday on the 3rd because you have reason to celebrate life on your birthday and then celebrate the life of independence the next day … almost like carrying your birthday into another holiday and celebrating your birthday two days in a row. Do you think I am silly? Be honest with me now.


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