July 5 #1

I wish I could really tell you what the past two days were like for me but for some reason I am still on the cloud of excitement I can not quite explain fully. It was my birthday on Thursday, Independence Day yesterday/Friday, and my friend RB is over for the evening until her husband J gets off of work and picks her up at 11 p.m. or so tonight or whenever he gets off tonight. I am still in awe with what happened Thursday and Friday, and I can say that today I am on the cool down phase of all the excitement — not quite a total meltdown exactly but almost. My joints are a little bit sore today but terribly bad. I need to take Tylenol Arthritis today in a while to get rid of the pain that I do have and am experiencing right now but I am trying to hold off a little longer but I do not think I can wait much longer … going to take the Tylenol now to get some comfort before RB sees me whining again like she heard earlier when she said that if I wanted her to go home sooner, she had the key I told her “don’t leave” in a whiny voice, lol. I was playing with her at that point but the pain is something I need to get taken care of quickly because whining is not a specialty around here anymore … being free of joint pain for the most part. Anyway…RB is staying until her husband J gets off of work … I hope anyway. Ordered from Pizza Hut for supper tonight. Love those P’zones and I believe, if the sources are correct, P’zones are going to be put on the menu permanently, and I personally hope so!!!! Yum!!! I love P’zones!

After RB leaves tonight it is going to be 11 p.m. or so … before midnight anyway but I will be back before I go to bed for the night. I am planning on staying up fairly late tonight. It’s the weekend and Monday through Thursday I can continue with my routine. This is the holidays still … and the holidays are fun.

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