July 5 #2

So far so good. Enjoying my company. RB, as a clean person she is, has straightened up my apartment a little more and sio far so good. Buying her supper tonight was one of my ways of thanking her for coming over and being my company, my friend, a voice, and everything that comes with her along the way. RB is a sweetie and she has been a BIG help! We did have our P’zones for supper, chit chat, cleaning, movies, and fun time together, and ideas of making my place livable, and happy; Sleeping in my bedroom is still exciting in my mind, body, and soul. Can’t say more about my day really except it has been awesome and I am having a good weekend altogether and tomorrow I will be taking care of some more things. and my weekend is not over, yet. Wish it wasn’t really, either. Today I wish that time would stop for a while and start up again when I was definitely ready. Like when the children visited the Land of Narnia when time would stop and so many hours would go by in Narnia when minutes would go by so slowly. I am on a Chronicles of Narnia kick lately all over again as if I am 17 years old. Am I being silly? LOL

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