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I saw an old friend I have not seen for over a year. I did not have any contact with him whatsoever due to the problems that he was having emotionally and mentally, and the fact that our friendship was put on hold due to the fact that I had introduced him to another friend of mine and I personally still regret ever introducing him to this other friend. I’d rather continue to be friends with this one male friend more over than being friends with his once girlfriend or wife, or whoever she was to my male friend. This one girl friend of mine I would rather never see again after all the heartache and hardship she had given my friend. Anyway, seeing my male friend, after a whole year, on my 38th birthday, was worth my day. When he buzzed to be let in and I heard the name, I immediately ran to the elevator thinking he was riding it and here he pops up onto the third floor by using the stairs. Giving him a long deserved hug was worth every second of his visit and quick chat in my apartment. I temporarily forgot socks and slippers but at that moment I could have cared less if you know what I mean … I mean if you know what I mean. I have my one male friend back in my life now and I am feeling complete all over again. I did, at first, feel that I did something terribly wrong, but having seen my man friend again, I broke into the softness of my heart and let him back into my world once more. What a man and he is only a man friend … a very special man friend!

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