July 10 – Brewers VS Rockies

Brewers 11
Rockies 1

Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was packed with spectators and from where I was sitting, the players could not be seen very well, but I knew who was who thankfully — being a Brewer fan as I am. The last time I went to a Brewer game in person was back in 1983 for a class trip in 8th grade and a school colleague’s mother was one of the parents going with a bunch of us. I do remember, at the age of 13 that the Brewers lost that night … scary huh? Well, I got to go to a Brewer game again and they won this time. I have only been at a Brewer game twice in my lifetime and I have a Brewer baseball to prove I was there … brand new. Was too high in the stands to catch a ball if it came in my direction anyway … but that’s okay. The Brewers did have a couple of home runs where the ball was batted right out of the park and that was pretty awesome …. cool too. When a ball made a player have a home run, you could see a home run emblem and the words gone, gone on the board. It was awesome. For part of the game I watched, in person, I felt I was 13 again for a few minutes remembering this school colleague’s mother who went, one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I remember her as Mrs. Arnold but by 1983, she was divorced from her husband I thought about her, the former Mrs. Arnold all day long, too. She was a sweetheart of a woman. I remember spending the night at the Arnold home in second grade, too. Anyway, getting back to the Brewers and Rockies … I went to a winning game, whoo hoo!

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