July 11 – Bad Weather Thursday & Friday Night

Honestly I have seen worse … of course I am living in a city where the Rock River downtown flooded and streets were closed off for a while and now the streets are beginning to be reopened and used again. Being on the south side of town and not by a river, where I live has been fortunate and not flooded out even though going north towards downtown we have a bridge and the river is underneath it. Anyway, Thursday afternoon we had some good rain and lightning and thunder, and it carried on through to Friday. Friday for the most part was wet for the day but after getting back from dining out with friend for a belated birthday dinner for me at the Moose Lodge, it started raining after 12 midnight when I had gotten back from a neighbor’s apartment playing a game called 40,000 … having fun playing for the first time and night, too. Anyway … Bing and I retired for the night when I had gotten home and within 2 hours it was thunder and lightning again — putting me to sleep. I have not taken a sleeping pill to help me sleep for a week now and that makes me feel good knowing that ( have not been putting any excess chemicals in my body anytime of the day or night unless I REALLY have too. I have been, excuse me men, relieved to be free of urinary tract infections in the past two weeks now. I do not want anymore … seriously! I have had too many, and I hate them. They CAN BE painful! Sorry men! Oh heck, this is my journal … why am I apologizing?? I NEED TO STOP THAT, don’t I? Anyway, I surely hope that we can be storm free for a few hours so I can get online for a while because I have not been on since July 9

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