July 14 – 7 p.m. & Good Night

I am actually going to take my evening medication and go to bed exceptionally early tonight. I think the weekend staying up past midnight has either caught up with me or my hormones are beginning to rage their monthly havoc on me. Who knows except for God of course? I did have a fairly good day today and really am bushed for some odd reason. I do not know where my energy went all of a sudden. Probably in that panic episode I displayed earlier today washed me completely out. What a whirl I am in right now. Just tired and ready to fall asleep wherever I am at at this very moment so please excuse my thoughts on rambling like so or not making too much sense. I am just ready for bed early tonight that’s for sure. I do not think I am sick though. Just tired as usual I hope. Anyway, I will be back tomorrow to see what my DD friends had written after 12 noon tomorrow or after my Bible study comes and goes. We are having an inspection tomorrow which is our yearly inspection with the management and I am a tad bit nervous about it for some odd reason even though my cleaning lady says everything is fine and passable. I hope so seriously. This is the mode I have been all day since the inspection was founded out this morning and the panic struck its nasty cord with me once again. My world, even though it may be boring sometimes, never has the same from a daily perspective beyond my schedule that i have made for myself. Personally, to be very honest here, I believe that this entry is going to be the longest of the first two I have written all day long. Who knows? Sometimes I just ramble to get my thoughts out in the open – open in a space that is beyond understanding sometimes as well as in total sight of Satan’s demeaning control of the negativity of one’s life which is my life. Anytime we write or vent our feelings we are putting out our words, whether it is public or personal, in sight of Satan who can wreck havoc on us all if we are not careful. God is our attorney in this realm of life. Please excuse me for talking Christianity here in my perspective and knowledge. I am tired and all these words are coming out of my own head as I write them across the screen for other people to read. If I do not want other people, in other states and countries not read my thoughts, then I make them private but seldom do that because venting is one way of getting feelings out and released from ravages of our mind, soul, and body. We do need, seriously, take care of our bodies. Now i am beginning to wonder if my tiredness has anything to do with the feel of hot I am contending with right now … not sick though. Just hot from the heat of our usual Wisconsin summer weather and I do not care for winter all the same because it gets cold and I hate extreme heat and extreme cold. Ok, I am just rambling on and on and on and on. Boring! LOL More tomorrow, okay? Just wanted to write more entry before going to bed … tired or not but tired still after cooling off in front of the air conditioner for a few minutes before bed. Gotta take my medication for the night anyway. Stupid hormones!!! I will be okay though … believe me! Good night and God bless. Consider this entry a rambling of thoughts in one big paragraph … for tonight anyway. Bye for now and talk to you all later Love ya!

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