July 17 #2

At the moment, still up and getting ready for bed, I thought I would write another entry real quick. I did not do much today after I had gotten back from my appointment except had a former neighbor over briefly and then she left. I was going to have CD up earlier tonight but I did not feel like company at all when I had awakened from my little and unexpected nap. I guess I can kind of blame it on my hormones, lol. I got a tad bit moody this afternoon … that’s for sure. Anyway, Bing and I played a bit with his favorite feather on a stick and now he is probably waiting for me to retire for the night in my room and I am up later than usual tonight once again. I think, after I get done writing here, check a couple of things out, go to bed and do some Bible study before falling asleep — that’ll be my reading for tonight. I had taken a quick, unexpected shower this evening before 9 p.m. because I had clean myself up from having a wonderful, embarrassing accident in my pants and believe me, the embarrassment did not last very long because accidents do happen all the time and it was just my turn tonight — am okay and cleaned up good. The shower head I have is awesome and the new showerhead is the very reason why the embarrassment did not last long and I was able to reason with myself rationally within a few minutes … I LOVE MY SHOWER HEAD! I love to take showers now more so than I once did in the recent and far past. Now if someone told me to take a shower, I will surely do it without a fuss if I was younger or a little girl again, that’s for sure. Can’t take baths anymore … too many urinary track infections!!!! Knock on wood … not one this month since the last one was cleared up and taken care of … yay!

I better go for the night. Love all of you! God bless and sleep well!

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