July 30

This is going to be a quick one so forgive me, okay. Not much really happened today except just being lazy and not making that many phone calls out and only one call came in so far today. Our personal door to door Milk Man came by today instead of tomorrow because he won’t be around tomorrow, so he was making all his trips around town today with his truck. I feel so lazy-like all day and of course, with that, hardly any television was watched so far at this hour, and boredom is not in the picture. Just laziness I can not shake off. I was planning on having my laundry done today, too, phooey all! Going to wait and dp my laundry tomorrow along with other personal things before CD goes away for the weekend again and I will be taking care of Oreo for the weekend again. Having too much company this week just kind of scares me a bit and on Monday, Bing and I had a lot of company in one day at different times of the day. It was fine and good but for some reason my world just seems to take on a different mood today — less spirited and upbeat today. Don’t know why, either. Anyway, I am almost done reading a book, a book written by Mary Higgins Clark toted “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”. I just finished chapter 84 a few minutes ago and then decided to get online for a while and hit the hay and read some more. This sumer has been filled with reading this book and that book and all the books I have read so far have been very hard to put down, too. There are 99 chapters in this book and I am just about done and these chapters are very short and sweet and to the point. Dr. Charles Smith has been shot too death by a gunman who rang the doorbell until he answered the door. I wonder how the story is going to pan out now. Hmmm? Gotta find out I guess.

I am beginning to realize that this is not a short blog after all, lol. Oh well, that’s okay I guess. Gotta get my thoughts out in the open sometimes in order to escape the constant need to write something down, right? Anyway, my little toe, next to “Littlle Piggy went to market” toe (the fourth toe) was bruised yesterday while stubbing it against my “Mr Trusty” cane of all places — MY CANE! Dang, it is black and blue and sore, but not broken, thankfully. Taking Tylenol for arthritis took care of the arthritic pain I have experienced yesterday and today, but not the soreness of the bruised/stubbed fourth toe (left foot of course), and I am not laughing about it. It does hurt enough to notice the nagging ache it shoots off, but thankfully I will be okay. I had that toe broken before several years ago stubbing it harshly before — not funny then either.

I guess tomorrow I will do my laundry, do my dishes, and get other personal things done. I am also going to have company over for a while. CD is such a good person to hang around with. I am just sorry that my moods have had a little down time today – not depression I HOPE NOT! I hope is just because I am in need of time for myself again. who knows. Bedtime is about an hour or so away from now and I can wait for that hour even though time does seem to have no affect on me today. Time is slower than molasses right now. Bing is doing what I wish I was doing right now — sleeping away the slowness of time. I am okay otherwise. Just a tad bit tired. I think I escaped reality long enough today or too long altogether today. Who really knows. The crickets are singing their nightly songs now around here. Hmmm, bed time is short to come, whew … I’ve also had a slight headache for the early morning to mid morning hours that has given its adverse affects of an eye ache on top of it that Tylenol took the edge off at some point. I will be okay. Did shower to help take care of the pain and aches I have dealt with the past two days now. Stupid TOE! Ouch!

I guess that concludes my day of thought and a little more than I expected to write really, but that is the way I am sometimes. Good night and God Bless.

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