July 31 – Since I am still up, lol

I have to be very honest with you at this hour of the night. I was planning on retiring to bed around 9 p.m. or so but http://www.myyearbook.com has some new games to play to earn what they call lunch money so people who have accounts there can earn lunch money and buy things for their website there to pretty it up or make it look fantastic, and time escaped me with the greatest passion of all … GAMES and more GAMES! Yes, I am addicted to http;//www.myyearbook.com and I love the website very much … truly, but in all honesty, is the website worth losing sleep over because I am kept awake at odd hours of the night … in this case wee hours of the early morning hours of some people’s work day? All in honesty to all, I NEED A JOB NOW in order to get away from my computer, the internet, and the telephone. Life on the computer is good to some point but not to be able to bed at a decent hour and I am planning on doing laundry today, when? My neighbor/friend CD will help me. I think, before I lose more sleeping hours, I will say good night or in this case for many, good morning and time for a little nap!

Please pray for CD. She has a female issue going on right now and she will be going to the doctor about this personal issue to see what can be done about it or if surgery is the next option. Thanks! CD means the world to me and if she gets scared, we want her to know that God is going to be with her no matter what she goes through in her life as well as having me not too far away. CD is such a sweet lady. Thanks! Update will be given once I find out anything new when CD gets more information.

Oh yea, because it is 3 a.m. in the morning, I hope to be back online later today sometime giving the weather cooperates. Looks like we are expecting more thunderstorms today but haven’t yet gotten anything at this hour, lol. I believe what I see now-a-days than what I hear or read in the paper or online now-a-days unless I am doing research for a project for myself. Gotta run. I do have to use the bathroom, lol. TMI, I know?! Night!

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