8/8 – A Fine Friday

I can not really argue about today much … if not at all. I had a busy day. My counseling appointment was at 1 p.m., came right home and did a load of laundry, got online for a while, watched some recorded programming, read a book. I was reading Agatha Christie’s book titled “Elephants Do Remember” but I decided to put the book aside for another time and began reading John Grisham’s “The Testament” and I am already accomplished reading nine chapters in one day while I was doing my laundry, and before dinner, and during my tv and cuddle time with Bing on the recliner. Right now Bing is laying on the computer desk in front of me napping and just being real close to me. I have to have the desk cleared off enough for him which is no problem at all for me. I love having Bing close to me. My appointment, which was counseling went well this afternoon. My casework, who will remain nameless and her initials will not be posted here, was there with me for this appointment, and when I had gotten there my counselor had told me that it would be best for me to not email her what I want to talk about because it is better to talk to me in person so she can hear and see my reactions and see any emotion I experience during the session. Her sessions are done better in person than reading what I would like to talk about in session. I am okay with that but I do wish I knew that a few weeks ago when I started and she did hint that to me a long time ago…just do not remember with half the stuff that had gone on since then. My world is complicated sometimes or I think it is anyway. My world is filled with something anyway. Oh well, life is great otherwise. My reaction to my counselor’s thoughts on my emails was something of the sort of “okay, it won’t happen again” attitude. I am definitely okay with that. Just something I need to personally work on … that’s for sure. Anyway, a lot of things were discussed today in session and I left still upbeat and not crushed. My reaction to today’s session was of “I cannot really explain” reaction to some extent. I had to walk two and a half steps up instead of taking the elevator because it stopped working for some reason and when my caseworker and I left, the elevator was working again … must have been fixed.]

Called my parents who live out of town (father) and found him already busy early in the morning (same time zone as me) and we discussed my debt of student loans and ended the subject on a fine note and left saying goodbye with happiness. I personally thought that my discussion of debt of student loans with my dad was going to be heated a bit because of some misunderstandings on my part of the conversation but it turned out good and not like I first thought. Dad was a busy man already and I did not want to have any misunderstandings anyway. I love the man lots. He means the world to me more than he will probably ever know in my lifetime or his. Anyway, I talked to my dad and it was good.

Bing is doing just fine. Good ol’ boy he always will be, too. He just jumped down to get a bite to eat, and I think I am going to get going to bed now since it is kind of late and I should have been in bed two hours ago but stayed up late tonight for the fun of it because it is now the weekend. Got to get to my Bible study and reading anyway as it is time to spend time with God one on one.

I am going to say good night now…

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