8/9 – My Saturday

What can I say about my day today. It was not boring at all. It was a beautiful day for relaxing. Around dinner time and during dinner hours I watched a neighbor’s dog for awhile and got dinner out of the dog sitting bit tonight. Enjoyed my wrap very much because it had mushrooms in it, rice, cheeses, and tomatos, and along came french fries. I believe people are finding out that I am not picky at all in most cases, and definitely people know that I am easily amused, too, lol. Anyway…Saturday was a good day and now, as late as it is getting, I am getting tired. Took a couple of Tylenol pm’s just to relax a bit. Eyes are beginning to droop a bit but no big deal. I wanted to come and write before closing up shop, speaking in a way that really proves that my day has been super and great. Bing has been a good boy with Bear today, and I am impressed with Bing’s good behavior. I was planning on having a quiet day today and I believe I still did, it wais just including dog sitting for a while so my friend JL and her boyfriend could go to church and go out to eat. I did not see Bear Thursday s planned and that is okay … made up for it today, yea! Bear got a summer cut, thinking it was yesterday or earlier in the week, and Bear looks so cute and adorable and handsome for a male puppy. Anyway, Bear was a good boy today for me, too. He even knows when his master comes becaues he recognizes the sound of the keys. Otherwise I do feel that my Saturday has been great.

Yesterday had my counseling appointment at 1 p.m. and it went well along with the fact that I did laundry and realized hoow late it was getting and I was planning on going somewhere with another neighbor friend but she had already left so I ordered me a baked fish dinner delivered to my home and the meal tasted yummy except for the fact that my system raised havoc for twenty or so minutes after I was done, and I surely felt I had a mess on my hands but really didn’t. Fish dinners have been havoc for my system for quite a few years now since I, in my early teen years or when I was a pre-teen got sick, real sick from food poisoning and could not eat much for several hours — maybe it was the beginning of my troubles of kidney failure because in reality I only threw up three different times, had a nice warm sponge bath with the aid of my grandma at the time, and slept through the night just fine, and felt better in the late morning the following day. Akso, we had company over for supper that night and I was sick then and went to bed early to sleep it off. Being a littlle girl with grandparents at that time was not easy but they knew how to take good care of me when I was sick sa often as i was. What a fond memory, huh? Sorry if I grossed anyone out. So that is why I believe fish finds havoc in my system just to throw me off now and then. What a life and I LOVE fish very much even more so now than when I was younger. Grandma thinks that the tartar sauce that was used on my fish sandwich at lunch time at a restaurant was beginning to spoil and I got sick from that, who really knows. Can’t ask grandma that question to verify what really happened because she has been gone since ’97, eleven years now come October.

It has come to that time for me to say good night and will be back tomorrow weather permitting and this time the weather looks promising nice. Who knows now-a-days. Hope everyone has a good weekend to top it off and enjoy yourselves. This weekend has been great for me so far. I was so glad to Bear today and take care of him. I really like him a lot. Tomorrow Bear gets to go out of town with hiis master and her boyfriend. Whoo hoo!

Good night every one. Sleep well and God bless. I have to call my sister tomorrow. Bye…

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