8/10 – My Sunday Afternoon Away and Sunday Evening At Home

I did not expect a call from my friend MEE this afternoon when he called and asked me what I was up to this afternoon. I had just woke up a little bit before and was spending time with Bing when MEE called to ask what I was planning on doing. I got in the shower as soon as I found out that I was going to Edgerton to visit Great Grandma Eyster this afternoon and play a game of Rummikub with her and MEE, and maybe his parents, in which Mark’s mom played one hand before taking a quick nap. I was able to spend a bit with Great Grandma Eyster who lives in Florida and comes home to stay with her son’s home for a couple or so weeks while visiting. Yesterday was GG Eyster’s 95 birthday and they had a wonderful celebration for her and I was not even there. I got to see the leftover festivities of the day when I got there this afternoon. Anyway, getting back to the idea as to why I was there, we, GG Eyster, MEE, and I, and Mark’s mom, ME (who played one game with us), and we had a blast. MME won three games (that stinker) and he is getting real good with the game, and the fourth and last game, I happened to break MEE’s winning streak by winning the fourth game. Playing Rummikub was fun and has been fun since GG Eyster taught me the game a few years ago. When MEE came over to pick me up and see Bing for a while, I asked him to get the Rummikub game I had bought a couple of years ago at some store, forgot what store, lol, and the game, 60th addition version was only $10. I am excited that game has been getting some use.

As for my evening, I decided to watch a little bit of television and do some raeding of John Grisham’s book “The Testament”. I was able to read three chapers before tiring. I also laid down to watch some recorded programing, which was Law and Order tonight, and enjoyed every minute of it until I realized that I had taken a little cat nap on the bed and decided to stay up for a while again vefore retiring drinking orange juice instead of hungered for pop from the soda pop machine on the 1st floor. That is why, at 12 midnight I am still up but planning on going to bed here very shortly.

About a couple of hours ago I had called my best friend RB and asked her if she could spend the night tomorrow night because for some reason I was feeling a little distressed and wasn’t sure it was coming from – a feeling of dread over my pounding heart I could put down at ease right then and there … still feeling a little distressed since I talked to her earlier. I will be okay, I know that for a fact. Just one of my moments of unsurety has come into play again and I know who is trying to break me down to depression again … Satan is such a jerk and God is behind me guarding me with everything he is allowed to guard me with. I am going to be okay. Been there before of course.

I am going to say good night and God bless all of my DD friends for now and get back to you tomorrow sometime if weather permits me to do so. I believe Bing is waiting very patiently as he can for me to retire to bed so he can do his cat thing of the wee hours of the night, lol. Hope all is well with my DD friends and all of you take care in the meantime! Good night!

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