8/12 – My Tuesday Was A Good Day …

I can not really ask for more really…I have everything I have every expected or wanted. I had a very good day today — away from home and at home all day long. My cleaning lady, LB, picked me and another client up and we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant nearby us, and then LB and the other client took me to Dollar General so I could pick up a couple of things I needed and wanted, and the I came home. My friend RB spent the night and she was sleeping when I had gotten back but left an hour later when her husband picked her up before leaving for work himself. After she RB left for the afternoon, I decided to veg out and take it easy, and that is exactly what I did. I enjoyed my day, along with Bing who cuddled with me for the most part of the afternoon, and CD got home from being out of town for the weekend, and she visited for awhile watching television and chatting with me about how exciting it was going to her 20th class reunion pre-party Friday night. I was so happy for her being so happy. I am seriously thinking of going to my 20th class renunion myself next year but I am not sure what I am up to yet, lol, have to play it by ear asa the days go on. I have become a one day a time kind of person lately — in recent months since I finished college for personal reasons. No need to explain … at least I do not think so.

Well, last night was a good night. Neither could RB and I sleep right away but we did get some sleep pasat midnight. I am not sure when RB fell asleep, but when I had awakened from a so-called cat nap last night, she was sleeping, with Bing with her, and the teleision was turned off. A certain someone, who I wish would never call me again, called me last night, and she set me to the point of tears and anger, and I did not want to answer the phone to anyone else who called anymore after she called, and gave the phone to RB to answer from that moment on. The call was not answered as I let the answering machine pick up and when I had listened to the message, partly, the very person seemed angry and so I stopped listening to the message and deleted the darn message immediately. This one person does not ever seem to get the message to leave me alone right now and she has been doing so good for the past two months. I am just sick and tired of the negativity around me, where I live, and where I used to go, that I have (not secluded myself entirely and became a hermitess) stayed to myself and leave other people alone. Last week already, the manager, as concerned as she was not seeing or hearing from me for 3 days, finally got a call from my last Thursday morning with the phone picked up saying, “Kristibaby, are you alright because I have not heard from you for almost for days and it is not like you to not check in with me by phone.” I immediately said “I think I better show myself now or else, huh.” and the manager said, “You better, and see you in a few minutes”, and then she chuckled and said come on down when you can. It was five minutes after that I showed myself up and with a smile on my face saying I was sorry for worrying her so much. I do know there are people who care about me, and those people I will talk to definitely.

I am looking forward to Wednesday … rain or shine.

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