8/15 – A Quickie

I wanted to wish all of my DD friends a happy weekend. I will be on and off during the weekend writing, reading, and doing what I do on the computer for the most part, and all is good. I am seriously thinking of starting a new journal and share with friends and DD writers about Bing Crosby Karnopp here but I have not yet really gotten an idea of what to do so along with writing. I feel I hsve a not so busy gal today being the lazy Friday it turned out to be. I was on the computer earlier before it got dark and I ended up going into my bedroom to lay down for a while and ended up taking nap until 8 p.m. or so, waking up to daylight being gone for the time being so here I am, up late as usual for this entire week, online being here just looking about and seeing what is going on. Already have been to myyearbook.com to play games, write to other myyearbook members, and sending gifts to my dear friends. I love going there but there is one tiny problem. The games there are so very addictive but definitely fun and a reminder that the world is full of fun too. I gotten a little bit past the moment that happened on Monday after writing a letter to the person that made me unhappy and sad this week. What I had written was something that came directly from my heart of life that no longer seems to be in turmoil like it has been since Monday night at 9 p.m.. I have a relatively calm feeling now and the fear of being bothered by this one person ever again has diminished to a capacity of tolerance and understanding. My world is so different now that I just do not have room for negativity and this person may never understand it, but she will be made aware that I am just to busy to be bothered right now or my health will just go up and down and another roller coaster ride is not necessary for me. I am definitely feeling better today…since I wrote that letter. Maybe tomorrow I will share but I am not sure when I will get up to be read, and it might end up being a private post. Well, Bing is being a cutie pie laying on the desktop right so I better go now and give him the attention he deserves from his good ol’ Mom here. Love all of you. Have a great weekend in the meantime!

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  1. thanks for your comment! I follow the Anglican lectionary, and try to do it every day but don’t always manage it…

    If you read back over this week, I’m searching for my new path…

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