8/18 – It is Over … Thank goodness!

I was rudely awakened by a phone call this morning .. a phone call I did not want to take initially but because I was sleeping from this person I did not ever want to hear from for practically two months and then she called out of the blue a week ago around 9 p.m. Monday night. As a matter of fact, I explained to her, and I did sound rude and upset because of the fact that I was rudely awakened by the phone call, and she seemed totally emotionless herself. I was not totally surprised really. I was expecting it actually. Strangely enough, how a person takes what say to them is no longer my fault or should I feel too sensitive or insensitive to what people reacted. If a person does not like what I have to say, misplaced or not, I have to take care of myself, and that also means walking away from things for a while to get my life on track in a condition I find stable enough. Anyway, during the conversation, strange enough, this person said that she will not bother me anymore and she will take my phone numbers and information off her cell phone, and I told her ok and hung up, and went back to sleep for awhile, after being interrupted rudely from it minutes before. I was perturbed at the time of the call, but I do have to admit that I got over it very quickly and went on with my day just fine. The situation, that has been bothering me so much for the past several days now is over for good now and I will never hear from this person again. Good riddance! I need to take care of me and go on with my life even if it consists of walking away from more negativity and focus on the positive and I know who my true friends are these days. The world is small enough, as I am learning very quickly, to find more positiveness than negativeness anyway. I am becoming very spiritually inclined these days for the most part and my world is filled with happiness and more love that I did not know I even had. My past is becoming my past now and I am moving on to the future that is much more pleasant.

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