8/19 – Contemplating

I do not really know what happened to my day exactly. I do know that my cleaning lady came and did her part of toe cleaning, we discussed what we are going to do next Tuesday, and she left. I went to lay down and just relax when I realized that it was it going on 5 p.m.. Ended up taking a nap that was on the edge of sleeping all day once again. I am fine though. I am still sticking to the routine that I set for myself some time ago. Bing came and cuddle and napped with me for the duration and once I began to stir, he too began to stir and off he went to his own kitty things and now, as I sit here and write, he is with me demanding his attention on me by being so Bing-like and I love every minute of it; With yesterday gone and over with and the situation between this someone and me is finally over with for good I am seeing that I am still alive and I survived such an ordeal, lol. I could not say something like this several weeks ago when I began to settle in a new routine and a new life for myself because that was the old me. I am still making changes in my life to coincide with this new life I am leading. It still takes some getting used to that’s for sure.

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