8/23 – Had a Good Day All Day Long

I went to church this morning and the service was in one of our city parks today. A beautiful day it turned out to be for the church service outdoors. After the service we had potluck and time to chat with other members, and then a friend’s brother brought me home where I changed into something a little more comfortable and relaxed in the bedroom for a little bit with Bing, and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the living room watching recorded programs such as Law and Order, even though I have seen practically all of them by now in reruns since I began watching the program thanks to my mother who got me hooked on the program, lol. I even took a little nap on the bed with Bing either beside me or in the same room nearby like he is right now — just across the room napping on the bed while I am writing this entry. No jumping up here on the desk yet today, lol. As a matter of fact, it was two hours ago I got online to do my after Sabbath fun stuff anyway. I will retiring to bed for the night here in a few minutes so I can get up and ready to go to church in the morning again and then spend lunch at another park for a burger bash. Today was a good day all day long. Tomorrow will prove to be the same I gather, a good day all day long. I guess I will find out.

Tomorrow then? See you!

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