8/24 – My Sunday

My Sunday was a wonderful Sunday. I do go to church today and after church, went to the burger bash that was being held in a nearby town at a park across from Milton High School. It was a beautiful day at the park for the burger bash. Many people showed up and eat some real good burgers and brats and hot dogs. I myself had one brat and one hamburger without a bun, some potato chips, orange koolaid from McDonald’s, pickle relish, and a few pickles. I was full by the time my plate was emptied so I did not go hog wild on anymore food even though the temptation was definitely there all afternoon long. A group of us went to the burger bash in the church van so we stayed for the most part of the burger bash and didn’t return home until 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. If I was not worried about who was taking me to the burger bash I would have stayed for the duration of the entire afternoon but didn’t because I do not drive myself. I do drive myself, but I do not drive a vehicle…I drive myself crazy all the time, lol. Anyway, it was a good Sunday and I am glad kt was my Sunday with friends and my church family I love dearly. This is my world, my place, my time.

After getting home, I was glad to be getting home and relax a bit. As a matter of fact, I really felt drained and ready for bed already …. getting up this morning was difficult but I did it and went to church to be with friends and get some enlightenment of a sermon. Yesterday’s sermon seemed to have touched my heart in a way I can not explain, and today’s sermon did the very same thing. This was my weekend to hear some very important words and now I have to take the time to put my thoughts in perspective and get the thoughts down on paper. I will do that tomorrow sometime. I am so glad I returned to church this weekend. It was my weekend … that’s for sure.

As for the rest of my thoughts … I do have to admit that my feeling of go go go was there all weekend long, and I did not have to go, stop and think, and go again feeling for once in a long time. My legs did feel their weakness play a little bit but I did not allow it to bother me so much and went on the go anyway. As I sit and think about what my weekend was all about, part of it was to get that go go go feeling back again.

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