8/25 – The Same Stuff

Today was a very good day. In a half an hour it will be 12 midnight here but time does not have a place here very much now-a-days. I am on the computer as often as I can and whenever possible and it is everyday but there are days I am not wanting to be online or even be on the computer but these days I have the same routine that I have had in the past few weeks now set. Sometimes I scare myself when I do not quite follow my routine but I am not allowing myself to scare so easily if my daily routine is tweaked even the slightest bit as much anymore. I am, at this point, saving up for things to be really afraid of in life. I am working on not sweating the small stuff. It is not easy for me, that’s for sure but I have been told I am making strides to taking care of me and letting things ride off my shoulders more. I am even being a wisecrack when a wisecrack is being made to me because I am learning not to take things personally. This does not have anything to do with the fact of what was written in my need to vent post aa couple of days ago. I am speaking in general The other day, apologizing to DarrenLee, an example of being human in misunderstanding is only the beginning of growing fonder with oneself and getting to know myself. It is NOT easy being me, that’s for sure.

Anyway, getting back to today, I do have to admit hat today was a fairly nice day … a day I did not half expect really. My friend RB and her husband JB dropped by for awhile this afternoon to pick up a couple of things and visit for a while then they left. Their visit was expected but the rest of the day was somewhat not expected. Bing and I were lazy until 12 noon or so. We just snuggled and cuddled and napped the morning away. That was unexpected, lol. I was planning on getting up early and cleaning but that didn’t really happen until later in the afternoon, closer to the evening and supper or dinner as many people would call their evening meal. It was a nice day, though!

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