I Need to Vent Now —

When it comes to religion, politics, and sex, I have found these three topics hard to discuss growing up, in school during difficult times, and even today even though classes did require o discuss those topics in some and few classes. When it comes to my religion preferences or anyone’s religion preference, I will not go into a debate with anyone because it just ends up being a discussion of a lost battle in my book. I believe in God and God believes in me, and when I go to church should be no one’s business but my own. Yes, I did go to church this morning and I plan on going to church tomorrow as well so I can be among friends and family who are in my inner circle. I do not know who this DarrenLee is who commented on my diary tonight and I feel that he is attacking my beliefs in religion which I feel is stupid, childish, and nutty, and want him or her to please leave me alone and I will leave him or her alone along the way. I do not need the negativity of one’s beliefs of when we can go to church and to be very honest with you, if church services were everyday, I would be going to church services everyday! So be it! My life in religion is my own business and IF I want to share my thoughts on what I have learned from a sermon, whatever day it is, I will share it with the world if I want to. This is my place, my very special place, and I can and will write anything here within reason and vent my thoughts if need be. My world is my world and I will share it with anyone who cares to read my thoughts of the day. I have the right to vent and I have the right to be here just like everyone else. My place is my place and I will NOT allow anymore negativity in my home or in my personal life as much as I can along the way. I am a human being who makes mistakes like everyone else. My life is mine and mine alone. I got this far in life and I am going to go as far as I can go in my life until the day I go. My world is my world and negativity is out for good no matter what I fight to get it out. I have a life to live in a healthy manner and that is the way it is going to be, and I am not going to allow one person to dampen my hopes, dreams, and moments ever again. I sometimes have to tell like it is and leave it at that and go on with my life. Now my venting is done and I am NOT leaving Dear Diary! Dear Diary is my home!

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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4 Responses to I Need to Vent Now —

  1. DarrenLee says:

    what happens when the law gets turned on? and everything the law thought is turned on, which is what happens when the law is not right

  2. DarrenLee says:

    this is my way of making fun of you, its fair when i am on the side of the fence where you can’t see me but i can see you, and i know you never wanted to be here and all but it is all my fault, i would like to see what that is like, maybe i would mute

  3. report him and ban him. he’s a twit who likes to cause trouble

  4. I swear. When it comes to religion, people can be just downright weird and rude, too. sigh. You follow your beliefs, and for Pete’s sake, don’t let anyone chase you off DD, or even consider it!



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