8/29 – To Top It Off

I really can not describe today at this time because it was one of those days that I can definitely share the fact that I was very happy one minute and then the next minute my heart felt like it was caught in a vice after a certain fiasco happened yesterday afternoon while I was doing my best to discuss the newsletter with the management and get it ready to be printed and put out for the tenants. Honestly, I didn’t see what was going on but I surely heard it and believe it or not, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time having to hear te fiasco going on in the lobby. Actually, after leaving the office I was not very happy … I was mad and only mad for a little while. I just do not know what to think when it comes to such drama anymore except stay out and away which I have been doing. I just wish that this week — the five day week before the weekend — was better than it turned out. It was a shocking, happy, weird, and amazing week all in one and I have not really experienced such a week as that before … until now … and I cannot say I have not experienced such a week as this one. I hope tomorrow is a better day for me. I will be watching my neighbor/friend’s dog/puppy Bear tomorrow evening for a while so my friend and her family can go to see Billy Ray Cyrus in Elkorn … I think in Elkorn, Wisconsin anyway, lol. Well, on to another day soon. Good night.

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