8/30 – Today Was A Better Day

With a little bit of emotion still playing a little part of the week, I do have to admit that today was a better day for me. I was able to get away from the building for a while and attend church this morning and be with other members of my church. The sermon was given by a gentleman I have gotten to know very well in the past nine years now and I called him and his wife Papa and Mama. They are wonderful people. Mama just celebrated her 76th birthday and Papa is not young anymore either. Papa is a miracle himself, too, actually. I would have to tell a story about him later but tonight I can’t, I am getting tired. I am watching my neighbor’s dog Bear tonight and he is being such a good boy and his master will be home shortly from seeing Billy Ray Cyrus. Bear is definitely ready to see his master. It has been a long evening for him that’s for sure, but he has been a good pup the entire time.He and Bing are sleeping – Bing on the recliner and Bear on the floor against the recliner. What a pair they have been today .. that’s for sure!

Today I have been so looking forward to having Bear over for the afternoon and part of the evening while his master went out of town for a while. He is such a joy in my life and a big help on getting a lot of my strength back from losing some strength from taking Zocor for three years.

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