8/31 = Where Did August Go — Where did June, July, and August Go?

WOW! August is about to leave us and September is creeping on in. Today was a good day even though I did not get to sleep until after 4 a.m. this morning duje to the heat, not feeling that good, and I did sleep the entire morning away. I even slept part of the afternoon away after my mom called during the time I was on another phone call. I was tired and I did not sleep good the night before, Friday night, either…or Saturday night, but kept going at it anyway. My legs felt like rubber when I got up to walk from one place to another in my apartment today because of the fact that I did not get to sleep until way after midnight this morning, and I did not like the feel of my legs feeling weak but I trudged along anyway without my cane for the most part until I took my evening medicines. I will be retiring to bed for the night shortly. I am still worn out for some reason. Oh well, that is the way it goes.

My phone did not ring much today and that is a good thing. Someone did call my cell phone earlier this evening but I did not hear it because I was sleeping and answering it was impossible. I know who called but she did not leave a message so I guess she decided not to leave a message and bother me tonight knowing that I might have been sleeping anyway. This person, if she left a message, she would left one if it was important. I did not go to church today. That was canceled yesterday morning when I was waiting for my ride for church. At that time I know that watching Bear would have been a late night for me anyway and I would not have had the strength to go to church and stay awake if I did even get to sleep by 1 a.m. in the morning, which it didn’t of course, lol.

Today was a fairly good day. Tomorrow, even though it is going to be Labor Day, I will be laboring, lol. I will be cleaning for my living skills coordinator who is coming Tuesday and I will have company Tuesday morning after LB leaves. Gotta run now, it is late. Good night everyone!

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