My Labor Day Thoughts

I had a fairly good day … lazy and sleepy, and had a slight fever. I have a summer/fall cold now, yuck! M neighbor/friend CD was gone for the weekend to be with family out of town and she got home earlier tonight. She had read the newsletter that was put together about our onsite management resigning and leaving at the end of October. CD was not very happy about it but I did not have any details to give her to tell her why the management was resigning. Bless her heart, CD such a wonderful person thought it had something to do with her as to why our management is leaving. i on the other hand did my best at explaining to her what I could with what I understood but CD’s still was broken and sad. I just did not know what to think. As for the rest of my Labor Day, I have had a fairly good day even though I did not want to get up and move about the apartment at all all day long. I was just lazy even though I did have a shower, got dressed for the day, had company over this afternoon and when CD got back from out of town for her weekend getaway. I ended up having the day pretty much to myself with Bing that far away and being around most of the time. When company came, Bing was very good, and then after he had enough attention, he left the living room to hide elsewhere in the apartment to have time for himself. Bing’s playful moments were a joy to watch despite the fact that I do not feel that great at the moment because of a bad cold and my ears. A couple of days ago I personally thought that I had another urinary tract infection but the urine test came back negative so I am very happy. I can start September 2008 with a very good, fairly good, start. It has been a long tome now urine infection free and so starting September 2008 really makes me happy. I have been drinking lots of water to clean out my body from any toxins and to be very honest here, I do have to admit that, I first thought “not again” but thank goodness I have no urine infection. Whew!

I personally think that I am personally feeling a little blah today to some extent. Trying to explain to CD that she was not the reason that our management was resigning kind of wore me out at some point. I feel a little fatigue and out of it and glad to have time for myself at the moment. I personally do not want my living skills coordinator coming tomorrow. I need time for myself for the morning. I just want my Bible study to come tomorrow … that’s it. I think when CD came up to my apartment and told me she was sad that our management was leaving at the end of the month of October, my heart just froze and the moment or two that JL told me she was resigning, my heart felt that void all over again. I just want to cry and scream. I wanted to fix CD’s emotions but couldn’t and can’t. My world is confusing sometimes. Oh well, that’s life.

Well, another day has come and soon to be gone.

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