It is almost time for my go to bed here so I thought I would come here quickly and write something. There is only one problem … What will I write tonight? Nothing different has happened today really. It was just another Saturday at home all day with Bing and I near each other the entire day. We cuddled, napped, and chatted with one another — his language is only a “meow” of course but as a “parent” you can only think and imagine what they are thinking anyway. Emilee and I used to hold conversation to the point of entertainment and joy of each other. Bing talks but not as much as Emilee did when she was alive. Anyway, I did take another catnap with Bing on the bed in the living room and enjoyed every minute of sleep even though I did miss part of a movie was planning on watching tonight. It got late so I decided to get online and do other things than sitting and watching television all evening. Have a movie or two recorded for tonight and the rest of the weekend. I do not feel that great all because I have a little cold. That is what happens when you live in a place like the one I live in or the changes of the seasons gets to you one way or another. I have been pretty much keeping to myself today with a few text messages here and there from friends and a couple of calls that just keep coming in and I do not answer for personal reasons — not knowing the number. I took an allergy pill to see if that will help some and so far so good I do not feel so blah in the nose I have. I need a new body and a new nose but I won’t get that now will lol.

Now with evening approaching, I do have to admit that another day has come and gone with ease. Tomorrow, despite how I feel, I am going to do laundry and put clothes away and do some cleaning for Tuesday. Monday morning I will be watching Bear for awhile and then I will be gone for the afternoon to an appointment. All is fine. I better go now.

Good night and God bless all of my Dear Diary friends and readers. Bing and i are signing off now.

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