What Can I Say Today?

I really do not have a whole lot to say today. I did get to my laundry this morning when I had awakened this morning and did do some cleaning but not a whole lot. The table is cleaned off some anyway. I have to finish up my chores tomorrow afternoon after my afternoon appointment with my counselor. I am not sure if my living skills coordinator is coming Tuesday or not until tomorrow or Tuesday but I surely hope she does come Tuesday. If she doesn’t, then it will be two weeks in a roll since she has been here but no big deal really. More power to me if she doesn’t. Another week to getting things settled after last week not feeling good and asking her not to come. I wish she does come Tuesday, though. If she doesn’t, at least I have my Bible study for the week, unless my Bible study has other plans and cannot make it.

It has been an okay weekend. Did relax all day yesterday and slept fairly good, but that was yesterday, not today. Today is today and today I did something real silly. I called the manager, a non emergency situation, trying to explain what was going on in front of CD’s apartment door. I felt real stupid calling her. Why did I not wait until tomorrow, Monday, to talk to her about the incident? I feel so dumb and stupid now to the point that tears have been coming and going in my eyes ever since. I just did not want CD to see me cry so I am glad I did not show my disappointment when she was around. so much shit has been going on here at our building that it is driving me crazy and did not even involve me. I am so pissed and unhappy here lately. Why do people, who happen to tenants of the same place I am, have to be so damn childish and acting so dumb and stupid? Oh yeah, that’s right … there is nothing better to o except make other people disappointed and upset or this place would not be a place to live in anymore. If I could get out of here, believe me, I would! I would never even look back, either! Some people NEED to grow the f*** up around here!

Ok, somewhat of a vent I guess. I cannot wait until tomorrow. Whoo hoo. I am looking forward to tomorrow afternoon. For once, Monday is a day I am going to be happy in seeing when usually, like Garfield, I hate Mondays, lol.

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